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On Saturday 11th August 2012 at St Barnabas an evening was to raise funds to help build Malachi a sensory garden at his home, complete with weather proofing so that he could use this all year round. He loves being outside. Also to help support Bishops Down School with playground equipment for Malachi.
This evening was a great success and enjoyed by all that attended and more importantly vital funds were raised for Malachi to make his home more friendly for his needs.
DJ Lollipop was very honoured and proud to be supporting this worthy cause.

About Malachi's Journey

Malachi was born in January 2008 and was quickly diagnosed with a condition called Neurofibromatosis type 1. This is a genetic condition which causes tumours to grow all over the body. At about 15 months old Malachi went for a MRI scan as his parents were worried about his legs, he had this scan at St Thomas in London, and it was here that they discovered a large tumour surrounding the brain and wrapping itself around the optic nerves. From this point he began an 18month course of Chemotherapy in the hope to shrink the tumour and to save his sight, but sadly 4 months into treatment he lost his sight completely. Although the Chemotherapy did not shrink the tumour it has managed to halt the growth. His parents have been told that in the majority of cases tumours like this tend to start growing again within 2 years, so Malachi now has MRI scans every 3 months to monitor the situation.

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